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Tomatoe & Lettuce Sandwich

You say tomato, I say, tomáto

This really is an old standby, but sometimes we need a reminder of  just how

good it is, because sometimes we forget.  At least that’s how it was for me

whenI whipped this up.  I’ve been staring a hoards of tomatoes salvaged from

mygarden, which got terribly neglected in the last couple of months.  With the

impending cooler weather, my husband graciously gathered them all up and

nicely put them all over my deck so that everyone who came, could see what

lovely tomatoes I grow. (I think it had more to do with him wanting to plough

up my garden and plant his winter wheat).

[A sure sign of fall; the leaves on the field of soybeans, are turning yellow]

At any rate, I’ve got all these tomatoes and I just haven’t had time to do

anything with them. So yesterday, well past lunch time, rushed and famished,

I made myself a toasted tomato sandwich.  What an absolutely delicious

surprise it turned out to be.  In fact, it was so good … I had to make a second.

[Beets, zucchini and ripe tomatoes from my garden]

So what’s the t’mater with you?? 

So, if like me, you have an abundance of garden tomatoes sitting around, just

waiting to be used, make yourself one of these toasted delights.  If you live in

Ontario, like I do, it’s one of the last tastes of summer, you’re likely to have for

awhile.  So you won’t want to miss it!



Toasted Tomato & Lettuce Sandwich

Bread – in this case, I used some sliced round Calabrese bread, but feel free to

use whatever you like best.  Some prefer toasted, some don’t — the good thing

is — there are no rules!

Tomato – red, juicy, vine-rippened and … just picked.

Lettuce – washed, crisp leaves.

Mayo – a generous helping of mayo is always great with tomatoes.

Salt & Pepper – a light sprinkling of each, pulls all the flavours together.

Time Saver:  I’m sure I made this in under 5 minutes.


From my garden, to yours …..  don’t worry about it, it doesn’t  ‘tmater!


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