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Hi, I’m Jackie.  Welcome to my blog.   I’m new to this kind of thing, so please

bear with me as I stumble around. I live on a family dairy farm with my

husband, a life-long farmer and our 3 junior farmers, in a still small country

town, north of Toronto, called Caledon.   Well, our junior farmers aren’t

actually so junior anymore.  They’ve grown fast but we still love having

them around and aren’t anxious for them to go anywhere just yet.

Life on our farm can have it’s challenges, but most days it gives as much as it

takes.  There’s a charm and a sweetness about the life of a family raised on a

farm, and for me it all comes down to appreciation.  When you work hard, you

naturally embrace the rewards of a job well done, and develop a deep sense of

appreciation for the good things that come your way.  On our farm, good food

is always in season, and many a meal has graced our tables.


When you have a big family, who works hard and plays hard, more often than

not, the first thing on their mind when they come through the door, is food.

And so over the years I’ve spent a great portion of my life exploring the

culinary world of cooking and baking. Not everything came easy at first.  I’ve

had to work at it some, but I’ve figured out a few things along the way which I

hope to share with you here.  Not everything is gourmet, just fresh and

flavourful.  You can be certain we plow our way through a fair share of

meat and dairy foods, but we love our fruits and vegetables too, and use those

in abundance.

This country life is full of delicious culinary adventures; wholesome,

nourishing, local foods, blissful, sweet desserts and foods that just warm your

heart.   Whatever the season ~ there are always delicious ways to compliment

the weather and that’s how I love to cook my way through life.  

I haven’t always been a “country girl”, but love is a funny thing  – it can lead

you to unexpected places.  Like this one. So if you’ve got a minute, follow me

down this country road where I’ll show you around, tell a funny story or

two, and share some delicious, homemade foods. Welcome to the

crazy, country life, of  “this sweet wife”.


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