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 Asian Steak Salad

 It’s a Lunch Thing … Asian Steak Salad

Lunch is one of the most difficult meals of the day, not because it’s actually

difficult, but because it always seems like you’ve just finished clearing away

breakfast and you’re in no mood to start hauling food out of the refrigerator

again.  On days when we’re busy and we want something quick, I often try to

make use of  leftovers.  In this case, it’s a piece of barbecued steak that

amazingly got stored in the fridge the night before, because not a soul could

squeeze in one more mouthful.

Sliced thin, across the grain, the leftover steak makes a respectable meal when

paired with the Asian Island Crunch Salad Kit by Dole.  I sprinkle the steak

with a few drops of water to moisten it, pop it in the microwave for 40 seconds

or so, drop it on the salad and top it off with the Dole condiments kit, give it a

good toss and voila — lunch is served!

Dole’s Asian Island Crunch Salad Kit includes a delicious variety of thoroughly

washed and chopped iceberg and romaine lettuces, red and green cabbage,

grated carrots, and crisp snow peas.  Toppings include, toasted, slivered

almonds, dried pineapple bits, crunchy chow mein noodles and Dole’s own

Sesame Ginger dressing.  The dressing has a lot of flavour, so you rarely need


What Dole says: Not including the steak, it’s only got 150 calories per 1-1/2

cups and 8 g of fat.

What This Sweet Wife says: I LOVE this salad, it’s light, quick, easy and keeps

me going for hours! The toppings are awesome!


Tip:  this works with leftover chicken, pork or even canned tuna. If you

haven’t got any of those … just serve as is and enjoy!

This Sweet Wife


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